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We hope you enjoy browsing through our site.   May you feel the touch of the one who knows you best and loves you most.    

The Foundation Association is a ministry of encouragement.  It's a growing network of those who come along-side to build-up, heal and restore.


Our Motto

"Do all the good you can, 
by all the means you can, 
in all the ways you can, 
in all the places you can, 
at all the times you can, 
to all the people you can, 
as long as you ever can."

~ John Wesley

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The Foundation Association, Inc. 

"Built on the Rock" 
"Changing the World One Person at a Time" 

We believe in a world-view that is built on encounters with a covenant God.  He is our Rock... Our Foundation.      

As His building blocks, we aim to become the greatest network of encouragers in the world. 

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A Message from the President:

We're a busy society... Stressed - Searching for the instant fix. -Looking for the magic key to life.  Where do we belong?

There are programs, philosophies, religions, and causes that all try to answer the questions, Who am I?  Why am I here?  Where am I going?       

The answers to those questions become the foundation of our world-view... our starting point.

I believe the answers are only found in a relationship with the living God.  Through an experience of exchanging our lives for His life in us, a new covenant relationship with Jesus Christ is possible. 
                     "Old things pass away... All things become new."

May God bless you and guide you in discovering all that he intends to be for you, in you, and through you.

J. BrookeHarte, 
President The Foundation Association, Inc.